"If it wasn’t for Dr Robin Nothcote I would not still be competing in sport today."

Dr Northcote has made a difference to the lives of many. His outstanding, life-changing work has allowed a sportsman to continue his racing career and be able to carry on competing at a national level to this day.

After being diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation, Alex McPhee was referred to Dr. Northcote in March 2013. He appreciated the genuine interest that Dr. Northcote showed towards his case and how he understood the importance of his career. Valuable time was taken to assess the case to ensure the best course of action was in place to allow Alex to continue doing what he loved.

Alex Mcphee said: “I have felt listened to and supported as a person which helped me keep faith that I could get better. I cannot thank Dr Northcote for all he has done for me and after 4 years is still doing.”

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